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Welcome to Sugartown

For Ben

The man with all the big ideas!

Praise for Welcome to Sugartown

“Very dramatic, very heart wrenching, very sexy, very intense, very violent, very scary at times. Very enjoyable!”

- Ali @ Ginger-Read Reviews

"5 Magnificent Stars! In this heart-pounding and addictive love story, Carmen Jenner will have you laughing, crying, and become so spellbound with these small town characters that you'll never want to leave. Who ever said small town living was boring has obviously never been to Sugartown."

- Debbie @ Keep Calm & Read Romance

“Well, spank my ass, that was flipping awesome! My world has been rocked by Carmen Jenner's debut book, WELCOME TO SUGARTOWN.”

- Paula @ Romantic Book Affairs

“Welcome to Sugartown will tear you to pieces but put you back together again with its humour and host of unforgettable characters.”

- Jo-Anne @ Worlds of Wonderment

“I don't think I'll ever see insignificant little towns in the same light again … danger, humour, tats, bikers, loads of pie eating (snigger), and enough chemistry to blow the roof off a science lab!”

-Leanne Pearson, Author

"Welcome to Sugartown, prepare to have your mind completely f*#&%ed over."

- Jess of A is for Alpha B is for Books

"Not only was it panty-meltingly hot, it had an incredible storyline with engaging, well-developed characters."

- Christina of Love Between the Sheets

"This book had everything from sugar coated sweetness, humor, sexual chemistry, friendly banter, angst, dirty talks, sexual innuendos, and a surprising twist of events that will totally keep you hooked till the very end."

- Michelle of Give Me Books

and a half

"You HAVE to one click Welcome to Sugartown ... Not even kidding, right now I have a fierce lady boner for Carmen Jenner. I find this lady in the flesh and I'm gonna have to hump her leg or some s**t. (99% Probability of this occurring in public)."

- Lola Stark, Author of Needle's Kiss Series

and a half

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